Joe’s Non-Professional Resume

I love music, all kinds. I always have and always will.

When I was 3, I used to wake up at 5am and play Frank Sinatra records on my fisher price turntable (This was 1975).

In middle School I played Trombone in band (and I never got beat up either! LOL)

Through the 80’s and 90’s I was a music trivia Guru. I knew everything about every song in every genre. (OK thats an exageration, but only a minor one) You could always catch me with a walkman on, and I learned all my facts from Casey Kasems top 40.

In my early 20’s I wanted to be a rap star. This was before Vanilla Ice, and the only other white rappers were the Beastie Boy’s and Everlast (but he was not nearly as popular back then.) I got as far as having a manager and an 11 song Demo. I tried for 3 years, but nothing ever ame of it, however it was a very fun ride.

In the mid 90’s I took Audio Engineering classes and worked in a recording studio for about a year. It was another fun stint, but I could only intern and I need to work.

I have always wanted to play an instrument, especially piano. I was tired of “wanting ” to play so I went ahead and “Started” to play.  I self learned for 6 months, quit for a couple of year, but am now going on another 6 months, this time with a teacher, and there is no desire to quit, only the desire to keep playing.

Other Interests I have are Computers (my full time job) , Movies…especially Blu-ray and All things High-Def. I enjoy reading although I have very little time for that these days. I also like to play the occasional video game, but very casually. I am also a Tech Junkie. I must have every new electronic toy, only to sell it a few month later after I realize how unnecessary the toy really is.

I am married to a wonderful, beautiful girl and have the most adorable baby boy.

Well that’s me.


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