Finally have a practice routine down.

24 02 2010

So after trying different things, Here is what I cam up with.

I start off doing about 10-15 minutes of warmups, either Hanon, scales, or both.
Then I practice sight reading for about 10 min.
Then I move on to the piece(s) I am working on. I practice a small chunk until I can play fairly well, but it does not have to be perfect. When I am Done, I go through the piece up until the point I completed last (sometimes it means I have to skip sections.
At this point I take a break.
When I come back to the piano, I practice my repertoire, which is a whopping 2 pieces at the moment! LOL.

Stay tuned for my next piece to be posted, Fur Elise(easy section) followed by Pastorale by Burgmeller.




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