Music Appreciation

27 01 2010

One thing I am really turned off to is when someone will call a particular type of music “not REAL music”.

Eg. Rap is just people talking, Metal is just noise, Boy Bands are cheezy, rock and roll is the devil’s music…You get the point.

Now I don’t think all people should like all music (I certainly do not), but I do think that all people who are passionate about music, should at least appreciate all types of music. Even those who are not passionate should not be close-minded. All music is art. From the talent of people playing instruments, to the ranges of vocals. The rhythm and dancing. As an example to the Genres I mention above…

Rap – Most lyric are witty, flow at fast and slow speeds, and have deep and educational messages.

Metal – Requires great talent and speed of playing instruments. Not to mention strong vocal chords.

Boy Band – Usually have rhythm, can dance and sing, and introduce the youth to music.

Rock and Roll- Do I need to explain? The foundation of popular music today!

So venture out, try something new. You never know, you may enjoy something.

Waiver: All of the above is just my 2 cents, but hey, thats what a blog is for.




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