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27 01 2010

Welcome to my Piano Blog. For those that do not know me, My name is Joe and this is a blog to track my progress as I learn Piano as well as to discuss music in general.  I began self teaching myself piano from scratch in 2006. I worked my way through Alfred’s Adult piano method Book 1, and tried a couple of pop songs from sheet music. Like most people who learn piano, I gave up after things started getting too difficult. My initial stint with piano playing only lasted 6 months. I do not consider them a waste however, as I learned many of the basic as well as some good theory. Fast forward to August 2009. I decided I should have never quit and wanted to get back into piano. This time I decided to go with a teacher. This was the best move I could make. I had incentive to practice each week because I knew I needed to be prepared for my weekly lesson. I think that was the kick I needed, as I have practiced steady since then. I started again learning some pop songs from sheet music. I got much further this time, however I always moved on to a new piece before perfecting the old. I decided the reason for this was because these works were 4 or 5 pages long. I decided to move away from pop for a while to do some short classical pieces. So far in two weeks I have learned 2 pieces pretty good, even memorized them. I only need to work on the timing now. The 2 pieces are (don’t cringe) Fur Elise- the easy version, and Minuet By Leopold Mozart. So that leaves us to here, my extra incentive to practice and progress. I will now update my blog regularly keeping track for my self as well as my friends.

So here is the plan…First, the long-term goal (say 7 to 10 years):

To play piano well enough that I can perform, preferably at a restaurant, hotel or lounge.

Now this will take a long time so I need mini goals. I will make these as I go along, but for now it is to learn classical pieces, no longer than 2 pages. I will learn them in a progressive manner so that a lesson is learned from each piece. Once I get set up I plan to post the recording for you folks, to constructively criticize.

And there you have it.  I hope I can have as many of you follow along on my blog, especially other beginners, as we can help each other as we fulfill our passion for music.




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28 01 2010

wow– I had no idea you wanted to perform somewhere. That is so awesome :o)

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